Ebay, Oy Vey!

Anyone else either bought or sold items on ebay? Oy Vey!

This past week, I’ve listed a bunch of clothes, thinking that might be an easy way to de-clutter some of my storage. It’s a long story – but I have almost 20 plastic storage boxes full of mostly brand new clothes, never worn, still with tags attached.

I decided that since I’ve been in my new house for about two and a half years, it was time to go through all of those boxes and plastic tubs that I’ve hauled around for the last five years. I was shocked at how much I had accumulated.

My divorce process dragged out for over two years. And in that time, I had to keep my personal possessions in storage. I was still living with my ex, because I had no means to move out until we settled. It was easier for me to store all of my clothes, etc, away from the house.

Every time I thought we were getting close to signing papers, I’d box up what I had and take to storage. Then, the process would halt and creep along for another few months. It was not an easy time for me. I had no space of my own. It was awkward and uncomfortable to be living with someone I was detangling my life from.

I was working at the bank, and I needed a certain type of wardrobe every day. When I saw something on sale, I’d buy it. A lot of the time, it was off season, so I stuck it away for a later time. And promptly forgot about. I ended up storing away a lot of clothes that I never wore. Never even took the tags off of.

And now, I’m working at home, and I don’t need the professional wardrobe that I have stored away.

Which brings me back to ebay.

I figured this might be a simple way to sell some of the clothes I had inadvertently hoarded away. I wasn’t looking to recoup all of my money. But I figured if I could get maybe a quarter of what I had spent, I’d be happy.

Now, I’m a thrifty shopper. I rarely pay full price for anything that I wear. I shop off-season. I shop clearance. And I feel good about my purchases.

When I was listing clothes on ebay, I kept that in mind. I knew I hadn’t spent the amounts on the tags. But I wanted to try and get 25% of the retail price. So, I listed tops, skirts, dresses, pants, boots, shoes. You name it, I probably had it listed during this past week.

I knew some of my prices were probably a little high, but I wanted to see how the process worked.

I have to say, I’m surprised that some of the items did not sell. Today was the end of the selling period on the first bunch of clothes I listed. Several didn’t sell. The prices I had on them were very reasonable. One dress retailed for over $200 – and no, I didn’t pay that for it. I listed it for $35. Which is about 16% of retail. Not one bid.

I had tops listed for $5. No bids.

The recommendation from ebay was to relist those items for significantly less money, in order to sell them quickly! I don’t plan to relist.

There are some clothes that I am not going to wear, for a multitude of reasons. Some are the wrong color. Some are the wrong fit for my body type. Some didn’t look like they did when I ordered them online. Those clothes, I already listed for a fraction of what they’re worth. Probably less than what I paid for them. But I just wanted those pieces out of my closets.

Other items are dresses or tops that I haven’t worn yet. But I like them. They would look good on me. They’re the right style and color. So, if I can’t get 25% of retail on those pieces, they’ll go back to my closet.

I’m not going to basically give away quality clothing on an auction site, and then have to get that clothing in the mail to people. If I’m going to do that, I may as well just donate it locally.

And keep in mind, we’re talking about brand names like Vince Camuto, Anne Klein, Liz Claiborne. This isn’t WalMart-quality clothing. I have a lot of top name clothes that still have tags on. I’ve never even tried on, let alone worn.

I have had a couple of people send me messages, saying that my price is too high on a certain dress. They offered me less than half of what I listed it for.

And believe me, I look for bargains as much as anybody else. I love to get in on a huge sale. Makes me feel like I’ve saving a ton of money. But I also know that quality clothes are worth more money than cheaply made things. And I wonder if those same people would be as generous to list their items for pennies on the dollar.

I still have lots of tubs of clothing. And I still have items for sale on ebay. I’ll wait and see what happens with the next group. If my things continue to go without bids, I’ll probably forego ebay and figure out something else.

I even listed a saddle on there. It’s one that I bought about a year ago. I paid a lot of money for it, and I love it. It’s comfy. It rides nice. But I’ve only ridden about twelve times since I got it. Right now, I could use the money more than the saddle. I listed it for about 20% off of what I paid. The saddle looks brand new. Ebay’s suggestion was to list it for $20. I ignored that.

I know those price suggestions are automatically generated. And I don’t take any of that personally. But I do find it funny how many people go on that site, expecting to get brand name, brand new merchandise for next to nothing. Or, they don’t want to pay shipping. If I offered free shipping, I’d have to bump the price of everything listed in order to cover shipping costs and the fees that ebay charges.

I think ebay is a great site, and I think a person can find some great deals on it. I don’t begrudge anyone selling the opportunity to make a few dollars on what they’re offering. If I want free shipping, I’ll order from a large company that can absorb that cost (in actuality, they pass that cost along to their customers).

So, if anyone out there is looking for some quality women’s clothing, shoot me a message. I’ve got every season, just about any style, and in various sizes. I’ll bet you I can find something you like. Or, if you want to check out my offerings online, let me know. I’ll hook you up with my seller identity. Just be kind with your comments (and maybe bid on one or two items for me.)


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