Junior High Goodbye

This weekend is Garris’ state rodeo in Townsend. This is the final weekend of junior high rodeos for the year. And for Garris, this will be his final weekend of junior high rodeos at the state level. His performance, and everyone else’s, will determine who goes to the National rodeo in Tennessee in a couple of weeks.

For me, this is a bittersweet weekend. I’m proud of everything he has accomplished so far in his rodeo ‘career’. Up until about three weeks ago, he led the boys all around. Now, he’s sitting second, which may be a better place for him to be going into this weekend. He has been the kid to beat in goat tying, calf roping, and chute dogging all year. That’s not to say he always wins or always has the best run, but if the other boys want to win, they have to do better than Garris. Usually. And he’s strong in the team roping and ribbon roping, but there are a lot of teams in that position.

As I’ve said in past posts, he is an incredible goat tier, and I’m going to miss watching his runs, crashes and all. He’s only got three runs (probably) this weekend. And possibly three at Nationals, if he qualifies and he has good runs. Then he’s done.

But I’m ahead of myself. Like I told Garris several times this week, he needs to focus on the run he’s in and make it good. Then he can move on to the next one. He’s prepared. And excited. And maybe a touch nervous. And that’s okay. He knows what’s on the line. My biggest hope is that he has a good, strong rodeo.

All he can do is give his best and see where everybody else ends up. After all, in the big scheme of things, this is one weekend and one rodeo. Yes, there are implications for both good and bad runs. But the next two days are not going to change the course of the world, either way.

I’m already nervous. I have been all week. And I’ve told myself it’s silly. Being nervous for him is not going to change how things shake out. But I’ve always told my boys to let me be nervous for them. I don’t mind my hands shaking. Or my heart beating. If it helps them to relax, I’ll take it on. (Isn’t that what we rodeos moms do?)

Garris left yesterday with his dad. I’ll be leaving shortly. It’s a beautiful morning. He has practiced, not just this week, but all year. He knows what he needs to do. By the end of today, we’ll know if he makes the short go tomorrow in any of his events.

I’d better head that way. Of course, he forgot the horse’s protective boots when he left yesterday. So, I’ll take them to him.

But first I think I’ll go throw up and see if I can calm my nervous stomach!

Have a great Memorial weekend and be safe.

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