The Smallest Blessings

It’s amazing how the smallest good fortune can bring about the biggest blessings.

Yesterday, the horse waterers stopped working. They run off a separate pump from the house. They each have a heater, and the murdock in the quonset barn has heat tape wrapped around it.

I was so disappointed that they stopped. And I worried that the pump froze up, which could lead to busted pipes or a trashed water line. But, instead of throwing a fit or cussing, I took all the horses over for drinks before I fed them last night.

I had accepted the reality of dragging the hoses out twice a day to run water for the horses until the water started running again. I had resigned myself to the next two months of drudgery. I checked the little pump room, cranked the heater up inside it, and crossed my fingers that nothing would burst before winter was over.

This morning, I checked the murdock first. To my surprise, it turned on. I gave a little ‘yippee’ of joy. And I said thank you to the universe. I fed horses and checked the two waterers. Both were running again, sans ice, and the horses were able to drink at will.

As I practiced my roping. I caught myself smiling, feeling so thankful that I didn’t have to hoist all the hoses back and forth. I actually laughed a little and a giddiness flickered through me.

It really is true: when something happens unexpectedly, it feels like the universe is looking out for you. At least that’s how I feel. I find myself saying thank you each time the water is flowing and I don’t have to chop ice.

Anymore, a good day is one in which the animals are all healthy, there is food in the fridge, everything mechanical is working properly, and all of the people I love are safe and well. When I was younger, I can remember assuming all of those things were true at all times. I can remember being ungrateful for those simple things and wanted bigger, better favors from the world.

And I promised myself I wouldn’t take those waterers for granted again. I really do count my blessings and say my thanks to the universe for the life I’m living. It takes a lifetime to learn the lesson: appreciate the small blessings in your life. Those will lead to the bigger rewards.

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