The Day the Crud Came to Town

Garris has been sick for over a week. It started at his dad’s house last week. He had been coughing enough during wrestling practice that his coaches had him sit out, then told him to go home. By Wednesday, he was out of school.

Garris has had asthma since he was little, and he has almost grown out of it. But when he gets a cough, it’s a deep, seal-like cough that hurts to hear. And it usually takes him a long while to get over that cough.

So, he was out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week. He had some medicated cough medicine, as well as antibiotics, and I figured he’d be better by Monday.

He came to my house Sunday night and didn’t look or feel great. He stayed home Monday, and I took him back to the doctor for blood work. It came back normal, so then we figured it was a waiting game.

Long story short, he was home all week. I was concerned about how much school he was missing, and contacted the school for homework. Only two teachers responded with anything, so he will have a lot of work to make up when he goes back.

Another aspect was wrestling. Today is the divisional meet in Columbus. Obviously, he missed it since he missed so much school and so many practices. He’s just a freshman, so he’s got plenty of time to as he gets older. But I do feel bad for him that his season ended with him flat on his back with the crud. He worked his little butt off this year, and it was a disappointment to miss out on this meet.

He lost over fifteen pounds this season. But he did it sensibly, through workouts and cutting out junk from his diet. But I think he may have stressed his body enough to get worn down. He fought taking any vitamins unless I shoved them down his throat! And he didn’t sleep well.

I told him next year, he needs to get into shape before the season starts. And He’s going to take some iron supplements, to try and avoid getting stressed. He promised to start taking his vitamins every day without reminders.

He is feeling better today, but he has no energy or strength. At one point this week, his legs actually gave out and he fell down. His muscles shook uncontrollably. I confined him to the basement unless I helped him up the stairs. I haven’t ever seen him this sick. And I was relieved when he started having a little bit of his normal spunk.

He should be back to school Monday, and then get himself back on track with his school work. His wrestling season is over, obviously. But rodeo season starts in a few weeks, and his focus will shift to that sport. I’m hoping the crud is on its way out and never shows its face again.

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