Personal and Private Struggles

I have been a bit delinquent the last few months with my blog. The last six months have given me a lot of turmoil and struggles that have required my full attention. Some of these will make their way into future blogs. Some will not as they involve some of the people that I love. I don’t feel it’s my place to share their personal issues.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted and at least that long since I’ve sat down to write something fun. We begin the start of another rodeo season this weekend. We head to Lewistown where Garris will compete in reined cowhorse on Friday and then the rodeo on Saturday and Sunday. I feel like we just started the summer and yet we are easing into fall

Garris decided he wants to use Fritz for calf roping this fall. Since Cyris is done with competitively calf roping, at least for a while, there was no reason why Garris couldn’t take his horse. He’s had some good practices so we’ll see this weekend if they’re going to click when it’s competition time.

It’s been a couple of years since I have hauled horses for Garris time, so I’m  a little out of practice. We’ve been getting the trailer ready and figuring out exactly what we’re going to do for the weekend.

Garris is borrowing a horse for the reined cowhorse event. The horse is a stud, and his owner was gracious enough to let us use him, but the catch was that the trainer has to go along. Tye has been giving  Garris lessons for a couple of years. It’s been a bit inconsistent, but I think Garris is seeing he needs to get a lesson in once a week if he is going to be successful in this event.

We will be taking two trailers, and it does seem a bit odd to be having someone else go along with us, but it will be good for Garris. Tye will probably yell at him from the fence if he’s doing something wrong which is okay.  Sometimes that’s what Garris needs.

After the past several months of making life-altering decisions, it’s nice to get back into a routine that I’ve had for about ten years – the routine of rodeo season. Sometimes I cuss it because it’s so long. Sometimes I dread it, because I get bleacher butt. But in the end, I rejoice in this life.

Especially this year, as I go into rodeo season with just one boy competing. Cyris graduated in May and finished out his college rodeo career at the same time.  This fall, Garris is going solo as the only Robertson boy to compete. I know how fleeting the next two years are going to feel, so my goal for the next eight weeks is to enjoy every moment at every rodeo. Soak in the weekends and commit them to memory.

For a lot of years, I went into each season knowing there were many more to come. But now I realize that every season is special and needs to be cherished.

My oldest son stopped competing abruptly after his sophomore season. I thought I had two more years to watch him, and I actually grieved his decision. I understood it – he wanted to focus on school. But it made me incredibly sad that he was just . . . done.

And Cy has struggled the past couple of years. He is burned out and doesn’t plan to rodeo for awhile. I think once he’s away from it, he’ll miss aspects of it and return. But for now, he’s content working on his ranch and going to some jackpots here and there.

And last spring, Garris had to sit out the rodeo season, because he didn’t keep his grades at an acceptable level. It was hard on him to watch his friends go to state and nationals and have to sit at home. And it was hard on me, knowing he could have been in the run for one of those coveted national spots.

So, I don’t have any guarantees. I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I will try to relax more and just enjoy being a rodeo mom for as long as I get to.



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