Life, Interrupted

August 14, 2020


Just a quick note to readers, to explain my absence from this blog for the past few months. My dad died the middle of March, and since then, my life has consisted of a role reversal for me.

I have taken over the ‘parent’ role in the relationship with my mom. During their marriage, my dad took care of all the finances, did most of the shopping in recent years, and was the decision maker. When he died, he left Mom with a lot of questions and a lot of worry.

From his death to the first of June, we cleaned out their house, moved everything fifty miles to mine, and started preparing for her to sell the property. (fourteen acres outside of Belgrade)

On June 1, she moved in with Garris and me. She simply couldn’t function alone.  I didn’t want her trying to take care of horses, and a piece of property, by herself at the age of 81. By moving here, she can continue the type of lifestyle she had, at least as close as possible.

Since then, we have focused on putting together a service for Dad, mostly for closure, but also because so many of his friends asked when and where. We opted for a small outside ceremony at my house. We kept it non-religious, included his horses and grandsons, and invited folks for pot luck. It was the day he would have loved.

I finally feel like I have time again to devote to these blogs, and am working on a memoir, plus several picture books.

Life marches on, the saying goes, but my life was interrupted to care for two people who have always had my best interests at heart. Be patient as I find my groove again. I look forward to sharing more with you as the days try to get back to normal.

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