Who is That Un-Masked Mom

Okay, I’ve avoided the elephant in the room for months. Let’s talk about the Covid ‘pandemic’ currently ravaging our country toward Socialism.

I do believe there is a virus. And I do believe it’s killing people. But I don’t believe the numbers that are being tossed around by a biased media, who are fueled by a biased leftist Democratic party.

I don’t believe this virus is a pandemic. I don’t believe we should have had any kind of lockdown or quarantine whatsoever (think South Dakota). I don’t believe that every person entering the hospital is dying from Covid. In fact, there is more proof every day that hospitals are skewing the numbers in order to get more money from some federal ‘bank’ of funds. Not sure how that works.

What I do know is we had a strong economy. We had a strong country. And manipulation by lawmakers and media whipped up a frenzy that now has half of Americans afraid to go out of their homes without covering their faces. And some of those are tattling on their neighbors.

I will not wear a mask. Not because of my rights being violated (which they are). But because they don’t do a damn thing to prevent any kind of virus. It says so on the boxes where they are made! And anyone foolish enough to think some pretty pink daisy print mask is doing anything but getting soggy from the wearer’s own breath and saliva needs to take a quick course in virology and prevention.

Masks have nothing to do with protecting anyone’s health. They are a form of control, to see how many in our population are going to be compliant with some random mandate. Unfortunately, many in our population unquestionably complied with this ridiculous control tactic.

And then let’s talk numbers. Who do you believe? Hospitals? The CDC? The WHO? Some doctor who is another puppet for the left? If this virus was as deadly as some would like us to think, half our population would already by dead. Current U.S. numbers, as of August 18, 2020, according to the CDC:  (so take with a grain of salt)

5,422,242  total cases

169, 870 deaths

The current population of the United States is 328.24 million. So break this down to total cases as a percentage of the population:

Total cases equal 1.65 % of the population

Total deaths equal .05% of the population, and  3.13% of total cases


Now that is if you believe all those numbers are correct (I don’t). I don’t think all the people counted in the Covid deaths actually died from that virus. I think a lot of us have had this without ever knowing, because most of us couldn’t care less whether it was Covid or a cold. So that would put the death rate even lower, but we will never know.

So, essentially, the left have run this country into the ground over a virus that has a survival rate of over 99%.

I’ve heard from people that I wouldn’t be so calloused if it were my mom or grandma or son in the hospital with this. Maybe. But I lost my dad in March, following a stroke. My mom and I spent three weeks in the ICU with him in Denver, just before Covid really took off. We both feel that we were probably exposed to it. And honestly, if we get it, we get it. She is 81 and has lived life the way she wanted. She’s not going to give in to something she doesn’t feel is Constitutional.

I know many others in the most susceptible population: the elderly. And most that I know have said the same thing: it’s asinine to shut down a country and force people to ‘social distance’ to protect a segment that is closer to death than not. And before you start reaching for your keyboard to write me the best come back you can think of: I’m not suggesting those elderly are not important. Of course they are. But we don’t do this during flu season. Or for heart disease. Or cancer. We can’t isolate ourselves and expect to live a normal life.

In the big picture, a .05% death rate is pretty damned acceptable

The CDC has openly admitted to fudging the death rates of Covid. Doctors are putting ‘death by Covid’ on death certificates, when they really don’t have a true cause of death. So, we will never know the true number of deaths, because it’s all a trick with shiny mirrors and sleight of hand.

How does anyone take any of these numbers seriously? And why would anyone agree to walk around wearing a flimsy face mask?

I only go shopping when I need to. And I don’t wear a mask. I walk into the store. So far, not one business has stopped me from entering without a mask. I’m not going to cause a scene or get a business in trouble. If they do stop me, I’ll leave. That simple. But I’m not going to be manipulated into doing something I don’t believe in. And many employees are fed up too.

They are getting headaches, break outs. Some have told me they have fainted. I am claustrophobic and could not wear a mask eight hours a day.

I’ve heard from some friends (and family) that I’m selfish and should think of others and wear a mask. I don’t think I’m selfish at all. I’m not scared of this virus. The people who are truly scared to catch it should stay home and stay away from people. They shouldn’t be out in the stores at 11 o’clock in the morning. They shouldn’t be at the post office. They shouldn’t be with neighbors or family, if they are that frightened of Covid

It isn’t my responsibility to protect them from their fear. Because where do we draw the line after this fiasco? Enough people want everyone else to stop eating meat, so we destroy an entire industry? Some want a cashless society because they don’t like handling paper, so we eliminate cash and force people to use cards and be tracked by every purchase?  Should we force everyone to wear a helmet ‘just in case’ they fall down and hit their head?


And then let’s dissect the testing procedure. How may stories have you heard about people going in for a test, filling out paperwork, then leaving before the test because the wait was too long? And then getting informed that they tested positive! How well do you trust those numbers? I don’t, not one iota.


In the end, for me, Covid is an inconvenience. I feel it’s been manufactured, manipulated, and skewed to control our economy, our people, and our election. There have simply been too many sketchy variables: mask or no mask? Social distancing if you’re trying to shop or go to church, but not necessary if you’re rioting and murdering; Test or not? Untested vaccine being shoved down our throats for a ‘cure’?

That virus is pretty darn clever: it knows the difference between a big box store and a small business. You’re fine shopping at a mass conglomerate, but the small businesses have to shut down, with many becoming permanently shuttered. You can’t stand next to someone in line, but you can still go out to eat, especially if you utilize the fast food places and ignore local restaurants. You can’t have a funeral for loved ones, but the lawmakers can pack a church to honor some disgusting drug dealer who died as the result of his own misdeeds. I just can’t believe people are still buying into the shifting stories and rules.

It boils down to this: if a mask works, then those who want to wear one should be just fine. I shouldn’t be forced into wearing one that I don’t feel is necessary. I am frankly more dismayed over the behavior of American citizens in response to this circus. My biggest fear is that we have truly lost the American way of life. In fact, people seem to be giving it away without a second thought.

Not me. I like my little piece of the world. I love my country. And I will protect my freedom with everything I’ve got.




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