Showing My Age

Tonight I feel very tired. And very old. Events from the last few weeks have shaken what little faith I had left in the human race. In Americans in general. In our government specifically.

I cannot fathom hating one man so intensely that an entire political party would spend four years, billions of tax dollars, destroy an economy, and invent a bogus pandemic, simply to get him out of office. But what’s worse is the fact that millions of Americans drink up those lies like syrup.

The beautiful form of government that our forefathers created is gone. There has always been corruption. I mean, how did it become okay for Congress to give themselves raises and expensive perks, including a lifetime pension? When did ‘serving’ in government become a full time job? It is sickening that those people supposedly leading this country are pure evil, for the most part. They are only looking to pad their own pockets and screw the taxpayers out of every penny possible.

I don’t have the answers. I wish I did. I know that we need to return to the building blocks of what this country was. Start over. Completely obliterate the status quo of today and wipe out every perk and pork in Washington. No more freebies. No more sucking the taxpayers dry. No more becoming millionaires while in Congress.

The saddest part to me is that there is no where left to go. When America falls to socialism, this world is over. Those people who want free everything are going to learn a very powerful, albeit painful, lesson: nothing is free. Once they start paying $10 a gallon for fuel and seeing ninety percent of their paychecks going to taxes, they might understand that those greedy asses they voted into office were lying to their faces.

Every generation has had their breaking point. I know my parents faced the same dire feeling when I was a child. But in today’s social media society, no one waits to get a full story. Everything is a snap decision, usually based on faulty one-sided information. I long for the days before internet and cell phones. Life was simpler when you didn’t have twenty four hour a day access to everything with a small device that fits into your pocket.

Today I feel like I’m close to my own breaking point. I don’t know how to fix this feeling or what to do to make things better for my kids. It terrifies me to think of liberals taking complete control of our government, especially when everyone knows the election was a fraudulent mess.

I honestly just want to build my own little island and be left alone. I am sick of listening to both sides carp at each other. I’m sick of being lectured and monitored. I’m sick of watching my world erode away because of human greed.

If I get to sleep, I hope I sleep without dreams. And can wake up and feel somewhat more hopeful tomorrow. At least feel a little younger. I don’t like showing my age.

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