Cy to the Rescue

A couple of weeks ago, I tried opening the big doors to my quonset barn, and one was stuck.

The barn is pretty old, which means the doors are  old. They can be cumbersome to handle, and they can get sticky. Garris sprayed some       WD-40 on them this summer, but I figured with the cold and the wind, maybe it was time for another coat. So Garris got up on the ladder and discovered that the track had fallen down and some bolts were missing.

Ideally, I’d like to get an overhead door installed, but those are several thousand dollars, and something that isn’t necessarily imperative. So, I pondered about what to do. And I called Cyris. I hated asking for his help, but I needed the door either fixed or taken down. At that point, we couldn’t get into the barn via the big doors, and my horse trailer was inside the barn for the winter.

Cy said he could get over in a few days, so we waited. He and Regan came over on a Sunday, and I fully expected us to be taking down the big doors. Instead, he was able to bolt the track back into position. And he replaced some of the missing bolts along the rest of the track.

It was great to have him home and to watch him and Garris work together to help me. There are times I feel like a burden to my kids. I have learned how to do a lot of repairs myself. And am growing more confident with power tools. But there are times I just can’t do everything by myself and I need their help.

I hate asking for help. I feel powerless. Worthless. But it’s  nice to know they are willing to step up and do those things for me, usually just for the price of a home cooked meal. And I enjoy providing those. I don’t cook very often for  more than one or two people. So it’s nice having part or all of the kids at home and being able to feed a crew once again.

It’s also nice when they assure me they are happy to help. They don’t make me feel badly for needing help. And they don’t make me beg for it. Or have to barter in order to get those things done. I like the feeling of my boys taking care of me when I need assistance. I think I did something right in raising them.

This isn’t a permanent fix, I know. But it will at least get us through the winter and hopefully I can scrape up enough money to get an overhead door in by next year.


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