Rodeo Grand Mom?

June 18, 2022

Cy and Regan came over tonight to see their colt – finally! Penny is just over a week old, so they’ve been anxious to meet her.

I saw Cy a couple of weeks ago but haven’t seen my bonus daughter for several weeks. I told them I’d make dinner and found a recipe for something new: panko pork chops. Not terribly innovative, but it seems I always make the same few dishes for them. Regan always likes my chicken tacos. When Cy stops alone, I try to fix stir fry and rice.

When they showed up, Whiskey and Penny were in the pasture, so the kids went immediately out to greet their new addition. Penny did not disappoint. She walked right up to them, allowed her butt and back to be petted. Then sauntered away when Cy tried to rub her ears.

It was love at first sight, which I expected. As gentle and personable as she is, they will have a lot of fun with her.

Cy helped me vaccinate Whiskey, who hates shots and hates her ears being touched. My guess is she had traumatic experiences before she landed at our home.

Then we put the mare and colt away and went to the house, so I could finish dinner. Regan and I chatted while Cy and my mom went out to worm their yearling. I finished cooking the pork chops, kept the risotto simmering, and steamed some broccoli. By the time they got back inside, dinner was about ready.

As I put the dishes on the table and got ready to sit down, Cy and Regan handed my mom and me each a gift bag.

“We saw these and had to get them,” Regan said.

I pulled out a mug with ‘Grandma’ written on it. At first, I thought it was about Penny. Then I looked at my mom’s mug. It said ‘Great-Grandma’.

I looked at Regan and said, “Does this mean what I think it does?”

“Look inside the mug,” she said.

I pulled out a copy of their ultrasound.

I’m sure I squealed really loudly. Then I hugged Regan tight.

I knew they were thinking about starting to think about kids, but I didn’t now they were ‘there’ quite yet. They are a great couple and will make fun, awesome parents.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I clapped my hands. I asked questions. It’s early. They’re due February 5. But I think they were so excited they just had to tell everyone.

Plus, she’s been very tired and I think it was easier telling than trying to explain it away. They’re planning on telling everyone else tomorrow. They are having a cookout for the dads and everyone will be there for that.

Grandma. Another milestone about to happen. I did tell the kids I want a cool grandma name. After all, I fully intend to be an awesome, fun, and hip grandma. I’m overjoyed with their news. And I hope they will have a happy and healthy baby.

I know some women resist being called grandmas. They think it ages them somehow. I’m looking forward to having a little one around again. And this time, I can spoil more and discipline less.  I just want to have a relationship with this child.

This is definitely a year of change. Grand Mom. Yay!!!



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