Whiskey’s Mini Me

June 9, 2022


Whiskey finally foaled!

I went out about five o’clock this morning and there was a tiny little copper colored filly at her side. I went inside and touched the foal’s back. It was barely damp, so she was probably born about an hour before.

She has four white socks and a few white hairs on her forehead like her mama. She is curious and agile for a newborn. While I was in there, she was trotting, even loping.

Her legs are straight. Ankles are strong. While I was watching, she nursed. She pooped. And she peed. All the things you look for in a foal.

Whiskey seems a bit more nervous with this one than she did with Shot. But she’s still pretty chill as a new mom.

I pulled the placenta out of the pen, fed Whiskey some fresh hay, and just watched the two of them. I sent pictures to Cy and Regan. They are beyond excited that she is finally here.

I spent a lot of time with the mare and baby this morning, to make sure everything was as it should be. In the afternoon, I walked Whiskey out to the arena, so she could get some green grass and some exercise. I stayed out there with them, watching the baby. An hour was about all the heat the little one could stand, so I put them back in the barn and left them alone.

It’s always such fun to see the brand new babies in the spring. It truly is a miracle that they come out ready to take on the world. Foals seem so big, until you look at them next to their mothers.

Whiskey is a big mare. She is built deep, with sturdy muscles, and a substantial butt. Even though we haven’t roped on her for several years, she has the muscle tone of a using horse. So when her newborn is nursing next to her, the baby looks incredibly tiny. When you compare the mare’s feet to that of her daughter, it drives home just how fragile those new lives are.

I will probably keep Whiskey in the barn for a day or two before I move her back to the pen. The last week or so, she’s been having trouble getting over the cement ‘lip’ into the barn. I didn’t want her to stumble and go into early labor or lose the foal. So, we put up a temporary pen in the barn, with plenty of room for her and the baby.

This time around, the foal belongs to someone else. Whiskey is just the oven. And she baked that little filly pretty darn good. I’m anxious to see her grow and change in the next few weeks before she goes to Dillon.

The kids don’t know what they want to name her yet. Garris suggested Coke. Get it? Whiskey and Coke? And my two year old is Shot. So, until they decide on a name, she’ll be Coke.


Welcome to the world, little one. Be thankful for mama while you have her.


Whiskey foaled

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