Wedding Plans!

It’s been a rough week. Without going into detail, I’m exhausted from dealing with people.

So, I thought today’s post should be something fun and positive.

Cyris and Regan set a date a couple of weeks ago. They are getting married next summer, on August 3. I had thought they might wait another year or so, but this is good. They’ve been dating for enough years, that marrying next year is a logical progression. Cyris will graduate in May, and there’s really no reason to wait. This is a bright event to focus on when days seem drab or too intense.

I got to go with Regan and her mom, Jamie, to look at venues a couple of weeks ago. We went to two barns, which offered wedding packages. The first one wasn’t quite ready to market their place. It was beautiful, and in a year or two, if they do all the improvements they want, it will be a coveted wedding spot. But all three of us were concerned that it wouldn’t be completely finished before the wedding.

The second spot was just about perfect. It’s outside of Pony, one of Montana’s smallest towns. And the views are breathtaking. Mountains surround the venue, and in one direction is a lake. The barn itself is situated with large doors on both ends. It’s a simple layout – just a big, empty barn.

But there are strings of lights already hung, which offer a soft alternative to full-on lighting. They offer the option of renting tables and chairs. They have some ‘glamping’ options of cabins and tents. Beyond that, they pretty much let the wedding party do any decorating and set up that they want. Their biggest rule? Don’t drive on the lawn!

It is elegantly simple. And a perfect fit for this couple. I’m so proud of them. They have a budget for each aspect of the wedding. They are paying for a lot of it themselves. Regan’s parents are helping with parts. I offered to help with parts (photographer and hair). If these kids were going overboard and insisting on spending tens of thousands of dollars, then I wouldn’t pay for anything. But they are being smart and practical.

Regan has a modest budget for a dress. They’re going to have friends supply music, both live and a playlist. They’re keeping the wedding party simple, only three bridesmaids and three groomsmen. The men will wear jeans and nice jackets. Their plan is to hire someone to smoke some meat, and then have family bring in sides for a pot luck buffet. In all, a very doable event.

Their biggest expense will be the venue itself, and then the pictures. And the reason I want to help them pay for those is because it’s one of the biggest moments of their lives. They only get one wedding together, and I want them to have all the pictures they want, so they can look back on their memories of that day. And share those pictures someday with their kids.

One of the most awesome parts of that day? Finding out that the owner of the barn is a woman that I worked with about eight years ago. We were both Upward Bound coaches in our respective schools. We roomed together several times when we took kids on out of town trips. And we were easy friends during those years. Once the program was eliminated from our schools, we lost touch with each other, but I’ve thought about her often and wondered what she was doing. It was delightful to see her, reconnect, and catch up a bit on our lives. We now have current contact information for one another and plan to meet for lunch when we can. Seeing her again made the choice of venue even more special.

I’m thrilled for the kids. I’m looking forward to the wedding, but I’m also happy I have several months to get myself ready! I’ve been battling with some hormonal issues and am currently working on getting them under control with some medication. But it’s going to take a few months to get everything adjusted as it should be. August gives me enough time to lose some weight, get into better shape, and really prepare myself to be ‘mother of the groom’ in front of a couple hundred people.

So, during weeks like this past one, where every day another snafu appeared, I go into my thoughts and remind myself that these days will pass. Eventually. And I have a joyous occasion to celebrate next year. It will be a day to remember!

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